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A country with 20 crore people suffering from depression, and other mental problems, consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist or going to a mental counselling is still a stigma. Poor awareness about mental illness, stigmas, several myths and the lack of mental health services available has resulted in almost no treatment for mental problems.

Through Meri help, we want to remove these stigmas and debunk all myths associated with mental illness by providing online counseling sessions through the certified and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists.

The vision of Meri help is

  • provide prevention from the mental diseases as well as cure for them by online counselling sessions
  • Awareness and removing the stigma for mental health problems
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India Mental Health Statistics

Nearly 10 crore people are suffering from mental health problems in India and less than 4,000 medical experts are available Every 5th depressed person is an Indian. In fact, depression is the second most common cause of suicides every year.

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India Mental Health Statistics

Sexual Problems 30%
Depression 15%
Headache & Migraine 33%
Anxiety Disorder 25%

In our Indian society, people find hard to seek for counselling sessions, or mental treatment. There is a fear of being judged and stigma of being called mental. People hesitate and feel shy in expressing their mental health problems, they think that people will call them "pagal". However, problems like Depression, Anxiety, Stress, are invisible diseases which can't be easily observe by the people around you, hence, you need to be aware about this disease and come forward for seeking treatment.

I have seen people ending their counselling sessions and have comments like "Baatein karne kaisa treatment", "Baatein karne ke paise kyu dene", "Sawaal jawab se bemaari kaise theek hogi", "Mein apne doston se consult kyu na karlu", etc. But all these are myths. As the mental health diseases are invisible, the cure for them is also invisible. Just like for treating your fever, the physician prescribes you medicine for 2-3 days, similarly, you have to take multiple or regular counselling sessions for your mental health treatment

Mohit Singhal Founder

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